Inspire girls ages 6 to 9 to celebrate their own awesomeness

Girls deserve to feel strong and confident in who they are! Help them build up their self-esteem and become the best version of themselves with this motivational entry into empowering books for girls. It’s filled with activities, coloring pages, and journal prompts to inspire young girls. They’ll learn to feel proud of who they are as they explore their intelligence, kindness, creativity, and courage.

This standout among empowering books for girls includes:

Activities on and off the page―From arts and crafts to yoga poses to journal entries to drawing prompts, this girls activity book offers a variety of exercises designed to empower girls.
Positive affirmations―Everything empowering books for girls should be, this book is filled with encouragement that shows girls how to speak kindly to themselves and reminds them how great they truly are.
A focus on self-discovery―Girls will reflect on their unique abilities by coloring a Talent Tree, imagining themselves as a superhero, writing what they love about themselves, and much more.
Encourage girls to celebrate what makes them unique with this uplifting choice in empowering books for girls.

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