“You look just like your mother!”

I was walking through the hallway at my daughter’s elementary school and a teacher I did not know looked at me and said “Oh, I know who your daughter is! Spitting image!” It got me thinking just HOW important it is, as a mother and influencer of my family, to be very aware of the […]

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My daughter threw away Curvy Barbie

As I was wiping off the granite counter tops from the plethora of little crumbs that always accumulate there, I methodically opened the garbage drawer to catch them when something caught my eye: It was my daughter’s barbie resting on a pile of trash. But not just any barbie, it was her one and only […]

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An Open Letter to Weight Watchers

Dear Weight Watchers In response to targeting teens with access to your free program over the summer…I’m having a hard time putting my feelings into wordsBecause as soon as I heard, it was an immediate dejavu moment for me.It took me back to the summer of my 16th year. I begged my mom to order […]

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How I Edited Myself Skinny in 3 Minutes

Hey babes! Today I want to talk about a very important topic: Social Media Literacy. With nearly 95% of mobile phone users having at least one social media app they use daily on their phone, it’s no wonder we live, eat and breathe on social. But not everything looks as it appears. On Sunday night […]

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My daughter thought she lost her best friend and this is how I responded…

So I have a little story time: I recently took my daughter to her best friend’s birthday party. She was having a great time, until it came time to open the presents. One of the other little girls gave the birthday girl Best Friends bracelets.She was inconsolable as we left the party when she said […]

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What my husband REALLY thinks of my weight gain.

I share my “reverse transformation” photos often. Maybe you’ve seen them? The before is me hovering somewhere between a size 4 and 8, and the after is me now as a size 16/18. Kind of like this: I am a masterpiece. I am a masterpiece as a size 4. I am a masterpiece as a […]

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We like it salty and sweet

Hey babes! I am so honored to share with you a very special project Cambelle and I were hand selected to take part in by Mic in collaboration with Dove. I wasn’t able to talk about it until the final product was published, but here we are…everything is live and now I get to sing […]

The Mother Daughter Loop


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Hey girl!ListenSometimes you’re going to find yourself in challenging situations that will trigger you and throw you back into the mess of negative self talk.I was having a good time in the dressing room until I put on these shorts and I just wasn’t feeling myself.Suddenly the cute girl I saw in the mirror was […]

5 ways to stay happy in a dressing room


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“How much do you weigh?” The nurse asked me as she filled in my chart. This is what I was afraid of. Honestly. I am admitting to you that I fear going to the doctor because I do not want to be forced to weigh myself – and consequently deal with the assumptions about my […]

How much do you weigh? Confronting my fear of the Doctor’s office…


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Trigger Warning: Miscarriage Hey babes, As many of you know, shortly after announcing we were expecting in a recent YouTube video, 4 days later we got the worst news we could have never imagined: an ultrasound showing that the baby no longer had a heartbeat and stopped growing at 8 weeks. Also known as a […]

What to Expect when You’re No Longer Expecting


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